Miami Dolphins

Dolphins Endzone - Official Home of the Miami Dolphins
Finheaven - Like it says..heaven for Phins fans! The number 1 Dolphins link HOT Site!!! Info
Phinatics - Design isn't very special or great but just take a closer look it's woth the time HOT Site!!! Info
Phins - Right there at third place a very good page but has not so many specials like Finheaven and Phinatics HOT Site!!!
The UK's Dolphins Fansite - nice page, good team information well structured, some overall nfl infos, what else is interesting? he gallery has many pics
DolfanTalk - If you wanna talk the talk you walk right on this site! Superb Phins Forum!!! HOT Site!!!
Big Dave's Dolphins Page - Fantastic Dolphins Site! Not to much categories but all very well! But the server isn't very reliable Info
Dolphinsinfo - Team infos are mediocre but you don't visit this site for team news but for Dolphins Photos! Info
Phinzone - News are very up to date but the great part are the two columns from the authors which discuss Dolphins topics, really worth a look.
Miami Dolphins Season Ticket Holders - Wanna have some tickets? Here you can buy, sell and swap tickets for dolphins home games. Very useful! Info
Miami Dolphins - Nice dolphins news but nothing else
MiamiDolphinsFan - Looks very promising but also like a construction site. nice design, to bad it isn't updated for quite while. has some nice animated phin gifs
MiamiKA's Dolphins Games - This guy has over 300 Phins games on video and he trades them!!!
Miami Dolphins #1 - Goofy design, maybe a bit to colorful. Otherwise the site is still growing and not totally finished yet. Already there some brief news, polls and a gallery.
Miami Dolphins Bahamian Page - A little bit of everything but really not much there
Ashger's NFL Blitz - Nothing you won't find somewhere else. Only the downloads are worth a look..some wallpapers, skins and sounds
1972 Undefeated Season - Doesn't looks bad but it's horribly slow!!! So I can't really tell what's inside...