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Oakland Raiders - Official Home of the Oakland Raiders
Raiders til Death - Very good site, u will find a lot of links to other Raiderpages (Top 50), Raiders News corner HOT!!! Info
Nicols Raiders Page - Nice design, little bit of everything, for deeer information click the info button HOT!!! Info
Raiders Fans - Many links to other sites here, a good columm by a private writer. Some links are not activ this is the bad news.
Raider News - Ok not much to say about this one, big news and commentary section.
All Raiders - Another page with a lot of fan stuff......wallpapers, puzzles(!), fun stuff, postcards and a Quiz Info
Vertical Game - a not very spectacular fan page, but u can look at the stats and results from '95 - '01 plus free agent moves; stats: fans will find something here..
Pic Page - Pics, Pics, Pics from all decades!!!! Looking for some Raiders pics? Click it!!!
Y2K Strictly Raiders - Animated Gif's, Raiderette Pics and fan/tailgate pictures, nice design
Black Hole Fans - Tailgate photos! Blackhole history, a hall of fans. A good click, if u like the black hole!
Silver and Black Buried Treasure - Only good thing is the big avi section....
Darth Raider - Strange one Raiders content combined with Star Wars pictures, well make ur own opinion.
Raiders Links - Links,links,links!!!!!!!!! ... but nothing good you wouldn't find here.