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Here it is! The biggest and top up-to-date linklist of all thinkable kinds of Wrestling Promotions on Gods green earth!! Check this out, it is awesome! In this collection, the creators just entered just leauges who organized at least one show in the last 6 months. Otherwise there would be thousands of dead and unattractive links.

This huge digest credits to "Mad Max" and the Team. Good work guys!!!

The Promotions are sorted as follows:
North America
Mexico & Puerto Rico

North America

ACCW - Atlantic Coast Championship Wresling
ACW - All Canadian Wrestling
ACW - Allstar Championship Wrestling
ACW - Assault Championship Wresling
ACWA - American Championship Wrestling Alliance
APW - Acid Pro Wrestling
APW - All Pro Wrestling
AWA - American Wrestling Allstars
AWF - Apocalypse Wrestling Federation
BCW - Border City Wrestling
BRAWL Bloody Rage American Wrestling League
CAWF - Can-Am Wrestling Federation
CCW - California Championship Wrestling
CCW - Canadian Championship Wrestling
CCW - Carolina Champioship Wresling
CEW - Cutting Edge Wrestling
CIWA - Canadian Independent Wrestling Alliance
CPW - Championship Pro Wrestling
CSW - Central States Wrestling
CW - Chaotic Wrestling
CWA - California Wrestling Alliance
CWC - Canadian Championship Wrestling
CWF - Canadian Wrestling Federation
CWF - California Wrestling Federation
CWF - Christian Wrestling Federation
CZW - Combat Zone Wrestling
DSW - Deep South Wrestling
ECCW - Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling
ECWA - East Coast Wrestling Association
EWA - Eastern Wrestling Alliance
EWA - Empire Wrestling Alliance
EWF - Empire Wrestling Federation
FCW - Florida Championship Wrestling
FLO - Fèdèration Lutte Quèbecoise
GCW - Global Championship Wrestling
GLOW - Georgeous Ladies of Wrestling
GSW - Golden State Wrestling
HIW - High Impact Wrestling (Canada)
HIW - High Impact Wrestling (USA)
HoPWF - House of Pain Wrestling Federation
HPW - Hawaii Pro Wrestling
HPW - Hoosier Pro Wrestling
HW - Hardway Wrestling
HWA - Heartland Wrestling Association
HWF - Hardcore Wrestling Federation
ICW - Impact Championship Wrestling
ICW - International Championship Wrestling
IPW - Independent Professional Wrestling
IUWA - Independent Urban Wrestling Alliance
IWA MS - International Wrestling Alliance Mid South
IWF - Independent Wrestling Federation
IWS - Internet Wrestling Syndicate
JAPW - Jersey All Pro Wrestling
JCW - Jersey Championship Wrestling
JCW - Juggalo Championshit Wrestling
JPWA - Junior Pro Wrestling Association
LWF - Lunatic Wrestling Federation
MACW - Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling
MAW - Mid-America Wrestling
MCW - Maryland Championship Wrestling
MCW - Mega Championship Wrestling
MCW - Midwest Championship Wrestling
MDW - Mason Dixon Wrestling
MEW - Maniak Enterprise Wrestling
MEWF - Mid-East Wrestling Federation
MLW - Maple Leaf Wrestling
MPW - Midwest Powerhouse Wrestling
MPW - Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW - Millennium Pro Wrestling
MW - Mainstream Wrestling
MWF - Midwest Wrestling Federation
MWF - Millennium Wrestling Federation
NACW - North American Championship Wrestling
NAW - North American Wrestling
NAWF - North American Wrestling Federation
NCW - Nationwide Championship Wrestling
NCW - Northern Championship Wrestling
NEPW - New Era Pro Wrestling
NWA - National Wrestling Alliance
NWA - EastNational Wrestling Alliance East
NWA - HawaiiNational Wrestling Alliance Hawaii
NWA MW - National Wrestling Alliance Midwest
NWA NE - National Wrestling Alliance New England
NWA NJ - National Wrestling Alliance New Jersey
NWA SW - National Wrestling Alliance South West
NWA Wildside - National Wrestling Alliance Wildside
NWCW - New Wave Championship Wrestling
NWL - National Wrestling League
OCW - Oklahoma Championship Wrestling
OCW - Outlaw Championship Wrestling
OVW - Ohio Valley Wrestling
PCF - Panhandle Championship Wrestling
PCW - Phoenix Championship Wrestling
PCW - Powerhouse Championship Wrestling
PCW - Pro Championship Wrestling
PCW - Professional Championship Wrestling
PWE - Powerslam Wrestling Extreme
PWF - Premier Wrestling Federation
PWF MS - Premier Wrestling Federation Mid South
PWF NE - Premier Wrestling Federation North East
PYW - Penn York Wrestling
QWA - Question Marks Wrestling Alliance
Revolution Pro - Revolution Pro Wrestling
ROH - Ring of Honor Wrestling
SCCW - South Coast Championship Wrestling
SCW - Southern Championship Wrestling
SDW - Steel Domain Wrestling
SECW - South Eastern Championship Wrestling
SIWA - Southern Indipendent Wrestling Alliance
SPW - Supreme Pro Wrestling
Stampede - Stampede Wrestling
SWF - Superstar Wrestling Federation
TASW - Texas All Star Wrestling
TCW - Turnbuckle Champioship Wrestling
TRCW - Top Rope Championship Wrestling
TSW - Tri State Wrestling
TXW - Triple Xtreme Wrestling
UAPW - Urban American Pro Wrestling
UCW - Unified Championship Wrestling
UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
UPW - Ultimate Pro Wrestling
UPWC - United Pro Wrestling Coalition
USPW - USA Pro Wrestling
UTW - Ultimate Thunder Wrestling
UWA - Universal Wrestling Association
UWC - United Wrestling Coalition
VCW - Virginia Championship Wrestling
VWF - Virginia Wrestling Federation
WCPW - Windy City Pro Wrestling
WCWA - World Class Wrestling Alliance
WCWO - Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws
WFA - Wrestle Force America
WOW - Women of Wrestling
WWA - World Wrestling All-Stars
WWE - World Wrestling Entertaiment (formerly known as the World Wrestling Federation)
WWWA - World Wide Wrestling Alliance
WWZ - World Wrestling Zone
WXW - World Extreme Wrestling
XPW - Xtreme Pro Wrestling
XWC - Xtreme Wrestling Coalition
XWFe - Xcitement Wrestling Federation
YPW - Yankee Pro Wrestling


AAA Japan - Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion Japan
AJWPW - All Japan Women's Pro Wrestling
Arsion - Arsion
Battlearts - Battlearts
BJPW - Big Japan Pro Wrestling
CMLL JP - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre Japan
IWA JP - International Wrestling Alliance Japan
K-1 - K-1
LLPW - Ladies Legend Pro Wrestling
MPW - Michinoku Pro Wrestling
NJPW - New Japan Pro Wrestling
Osaka Pro - Osaka Pro Wrestling
Pancrase - Hybrid Wrestling Pancrase
PW NOAH - Pro Wrestling NOAH
Toryumon - Toryumon
Zero One - Pro Wrestling Zero One

Mexico & Puerto Rico

AAA - Asistencia Asesoria y Administracion
CMLL - Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre
FMLL - Fuerza Mexicano de Lucha Libre
IWA PR - International Wrestling Alliance Puerto Rico


ACW - Athletic Club Wrestling
ASW - All Star Wrestling
CWA - Catch Wrestling Association -
EWF - European Wrestling Fighters
EWP - European Wrestling Promotion
FCW - Freestyle Championship Wrestling
FWA - Frontier Wrestling Alliance
GSW - German Stampede Wrestling
GWA - German Wrestling Association
GWF - German Wrestling Federation
ICW - International Championship Wrestling
IW - Irish Whip
NAWA - New Alliance of Wrestling Athletes
NWA UK - National Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom
NWF - Norwegian Wrestling Federation
PWA - Professional Wrestling Alliance
PWA UK - Professional Wrestling Alliance United Kingdom
RWA - Riotgas Wrestling Alliance
SWF - Swiss Wrestling Federation
WXW - Westside Xtreme Wrestling
WCFB - Wrestling Catch Fans Berlin
wXw - westside Xtreme wrestling


ACW - Australian Championship Wrestling
PCW - Professional Championship Wrestling
WWA - World Wrestling Allstars
WWX - World Wrestling Extreme