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Welcome to the FOOTBALL section of SPORTLINKLIST!!!

20.09.02 Faster than you would have expected! Here are the Arizona Cardinals!!! Unfortunately ther seems to be not much on the net :-(
19.09.02 Like I promised, we're back working on the last NFL Team Linklists. The Atlanta Falcons are already in, Cardinals are next.
12.09.02 Hey Redskins fans! Also, check out the new Washington Redskins page just added. It's a goody ;-)
12.09.02 The NFL is back, so we are from our long summer break. Get ready for some new stuff as we look forward to finish our NFL Teams section. Beginning with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Linklist.
10.06.02 Tada....the next college links have arrived! Visit the Misc. section again to find links to college All-Star games

The Misc. Linklist has just grown! Right now you can find links to all kind of Division I-A Bowl here. This also is a premium for us..our first links to the world of college football!!!

These Links are not rated or commented 'cause they are all official links where no rating is necessary.

05.06.02 Panthers don't have to wait any longer! Welcome to the Sportslinklist! You know what this means?! The Carolina Panthers Linklist is UP!!!!!!!!

Okay, I promised it a couple of weeks ago but now we're ready for the next update. I have some problems with my computer but I hope I can fix it in the next couple of days or so. Special thanks to my editor Rene Beer he really forced this update with his great work. He's the reason for the next new List with really great New Orleans Saints links. I already have a List with Panthers links on my desk. We'll see when I can upload them. Lets hope it'll be soon.

So far, thanks for your support and patience. Just check back we're always try to improve our site.

16.05.02 It goes on and on yet some more great input for the Misc. LinkList! Go inside and inform yourself about the history of football and some great stats!
13.05.02 Maybe earlier than expected opens the brand new Misc. section!!! We start here with some awesome German links, but for all international visitors: Don't be disappointed we'll have some great stuff for you too! Just be a little patient.
13.05.02 Added two links. One to the Jets List and one to the Dolphins List. Check them out!

Like I come da Bears!!! The Chicago Bears LinkList is online and it has a lot to offer.

Maybe you're interested in what's next? Right now we're working on many different things. The Saints are in the making but that will last some more days. Moreover we're working on our Misc section. I won't tell you much now. Only this, it will be huge!!! But great stuff needs time so you have to be patient. The first thing will probable be the German Misc links. But you will see...

02.05.02 The Bad Thing: I've a job that takes to much time, so some updates may take some time but the Good Thing: Nevertheless I just finished the Detroit Lions list. It's finally up. Next to come: the Chicago Bears. Just check back.
11.04.02 The regular NFL updates continue. Now we got the Minnesota Vikings in. You will find some jewels here!
10.04.02 What's new???? The Green Bay Packers! Come in and check out more than 15 brand new Packers links. All of them with detailed descriptions.
08.04.02 What's new today? I just posted the New York Giants list. Next thing will be the Green Bay Packers list, will be up later this week.

Hey and don't miss to visit our Online-Shops section. We just renewed it and I'm sure there is something for anybody!

Okay, whats new in football? Links to the Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs and Washington Redskins.

The NFL Europe Sites got an overhaul. I updated some link descriptions, added some Team Links and also erased some dead links.

The Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and New York Jets got some new Team Links. A few of them are in german.

Know some great links missing?

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