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Scottish Claymores

Claymores - Official Home of the Scottish Claymores English Language
Touchdown Claymores - Great Site!!! One of the best NFL Europe Sites!! A must see! English Language HOT!!! Info
Hot Iron - This site is very hot! Scottish American Football Webzine; Many articles English Language
West Coast Offense - Fanclub; Some Reports and Fanclub Events; Team/League Infos English Language
NFL Europe Players - Where does the ex-NFL Europe Players play today? Here you will find out! English Language
The Ultimate Scottish Claymores Cheerleaders Page - A looooot of photos from the 1999/2000 Claymores Cheerleaders! English Language
611 yards - Looks very promising but unfortunately not much there, yet English Language
Scottish Cheddarheads - Very ugly background but nevertheless a good Fan-Site English Language