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Welcome to the Wrestling section of the SPORTLINKLIST!!!


We're always trying to figure out how to make your stay at SLL even more comfortable. That's the reason for our latest restructure at the Wrestling sites. You won't find a Misc. section anymore, just the News & More Button. Now this is your place to go regardless if you are looking for news, multimedia, stats, history...whatever. You'll find it there.

Moreover we also added a list with links to great German Wrestling sites. Just visit our newborn section and you'll find out! (The short descriptions of the new links will follow soon, But you already can look at the very detailed descriptions to find the site of your needs)


...almost a month later, the next update. I'm sorry. I've some problems with my computer and hope I can fix it the next couple of days.

Nevertheless I updated the Promotion List. Exactly said I added some links to the European Promotions. Thanks again to my editor Alex Cee for that.

06.05.02 --- INPORTANT HINT---
Due to a lost lawsuit about the token "WWF", the World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. has to change the name of their Wrestling Promotion instantly. According to that, the "Federation" now calls themself "Word Wrestling Entertainment" (WWE) and are attainable under the following URL !!
25.04.02 It took some time but good things often do. And this update is a BIG ONE! A new category is introduced and it is fully loaded with Wrestling Promotion links! I would presume that it's one of the best and biggest lists of Promotion links.
We have everything you may be looking for, Promotions from all over the Planet! Go in and find out!
09.04.02 Finally the first Wrestling update in April. Our Wrestling editor is working like hell on the german links for our Misc and News sections. But right now, I'll present you something else new. Our first list of Wrestler links is up! More than 50 new links! All to official Wrestler sites! Go right in and check out the personall home page of your favourite Wrestling Superstar!!! Don't waste any more time!

Here it is, where you've all been waiting for!! The first update of our newborn Wrestling section!!!! We're starting with some great NEWS sites and nice Miscellaneous links that feature the best from the rest! With these links you've already the possibility to get a deep inside scoop of Professionell Wrestling!

Check them out and be excited!!! I'm sure you'll need hours to read all the fantastic information from the linked sites.

But don't be worried. That isn't it. We're already working out more superb links for you wrestling maniacs.

Know some great links missing?

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